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Created on 2011-12-21 23:26:09 (#1167506), last updated 2011-12-23 (300 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:Washington, United States of America

truly deeply madly

I'll write you a song and it won`t be hard to sing
it will be a natural anthem, familiar it will seem
it will rally all the workers on strike for better pay
and its chorus will resound and boost morale throughout the day

I'll write you a song and I hope that you won`t mind
because all the names and places I have taken from real life
so please don`t be upset at this portrait that I paint
it may be a little biased, but at least I spelt your name right...

-The Postal Service



tura * 30s * aquarian * olfactory stimulation addict * storyteller * adventurer * naughty girl * weirdo * hoop dancer *

I frequently refer to myself as "just a girl", and in many ways, I suppose that's true. Just another girl waking up each morning, trying to navigate a world in the best ways I know how. I'm a heavily tattooed, fixie-riding, Burning Man-attending, paper-scrap-loving, fire arts playing, fancy bath-taking, gypsy of a girl who has an intense love affair with the road and adventures and black birds and baked goods and music and soy milk and well, there's lots of things to love in this world.

I am (usually) happy I'm in a bit of a rough patch right now, and I'm working through it. My journal isn't usually quite this "ohno, chicken little. The sky is falling!" Promise. It won't be this way long. I spend a lot of time thinking about things of a serious nature. I also spend a lot of time both creating and experiencing beautiful things. I am: 10 years clean from heroin, an eating disorder survivor, bipolar (type 1 - y'know.. the "fun" one), an orphan, and well, just about every version of "WOW, that lass should be pretty fucked up" that you could imagine. The best part? I'm kind of not... Odd, certainly, but I'm a quirky, weird, playful girl who's worked a hell of a lot on her broken bits and has rebuilt something pretty neat from the leftover pieces.

I am a sassy, old-school, high-Femme lass. I wear heels almost every day. I wear red lipstick. And stockings. And pretty underthings. I do these things for me. I'm a former sex worker (and I've worked my way through a good portion of the industry), a published smut writer, and a good ol' fashioned exhibitionist.

stories * photo-blogs * random bath reviews * the occasional meme * food * travel * music * love

subscribers only. leave a comment in the first post to be added.

There's not much you won't find in my journal. I've been here for ages, and this is one of my homes. It is my diary. It is my box of pretty things. I don't write for others, although I do find enjoyment in people enjoying my random musings.
What you are likely to find:

~ Tons of hooping videos. Mine. Others I use for inspiration. But lots and LOTS of hooping.

~ images. I'm inspired by looking at pretty things. And I create pretty things. But photography has never been 'mine'. So, I've decided to reclaim it in ways that are less intimidating for me. Hence, Project 365. A picture (frequently more) a day. Why not?
Update: things happened. Photos didn't. Project 365 probably was another thing that didn't quite work out. But I still think I did well for my first run. I'm just distracted. And I'm sure I'll post more.

~ girly things. Lush addict. BPAL, Arcana, and lover of other e-tailer fancy goodness. There WILL be the occasional long, rambly post wherein I talk WAY too much about lotion and perfume and bubble bath.

~ random shit. I am a fan of the random shit. Random shit likely to include well, just about anything that captures my interest, really. I AM a fan of shiny things.


Olympia <- Oakland <- Las Vegas <- Ashland <- Mexico <- Seattle

I'm finding myself back in the Pacific Northwest after about nine years. The PNW has always felt like home to me. This journal began just as I was leaving Seattle the last time, and there is never a moment I am not fascinated by how much I am both completely different and absolutely the same as I was then. Not Seattle this time, but close enough. There are more travels in the future. There always are. But this is home. For now.

Since 2003 * I ramble on anywhere from daily to weekly, but as of late, the trend is daily, sometimes more.

personal musings * just a girl's intimate diary * But you are more than welcome to read my secrets, if you're that kind. I know I am.

Like I said, this is my diary. I am here primarily to write, and I quite enjoy reading other journals that resonate on some level for me. I am not the most prolific commenter, so if you self identify as a "comment whore", I'm not going to be your best bet. I do comment when I feel compelled to do so, and I invite the same, but fully appreciate that many of us have a little bit of 'lurk' running through our veins. Avoiding "creepy lurk" is good, but y'know how it goes. wink.


Interests (149):

abstract art, activism, alex grey, alice in wonderland, alternative lifestyles, alternative media, androgeny, antiques, arcana, arcane religion, architecture in helsinki, art, astrology, baking, beats antique, black birds, black phoenix alchemy lab, bloodsports, body art, body modification, books, boots, bpal, burlesque, burning man, chocolate, class warfare, coffee shops, collage, corsets, costumes, crafting, crinoline, cuddling, culture jamming, cupcakes, cute undies, dancing, death cab for cutie, decoupage, demented music, design, dictionaries, die antwoord, diy, edge play, el circo, epiphany, erotica, fancy bath goodies, feminism, femmes, film, fire artist, fire spinning, fireplay, flaming lotus girls, florence and the machine, fluidity, freaks, ftms, geek girls, gender, genderqueer, general naughtiness, girl talk, green spaces, guerilla art, h.p. lovecraft, handbags, hats, heels, hooping, independent media, industrial, ink, intelligent beautiful women, jack daniels, john waters, kissing, languages, leather, letters, literature, live music, lush, making out, mark rothko, math, mc escher, mcsweeney's, metal arts, moma, mommies, mommy and her boy, motorcycles, movies, mumford and sons, munnys, museums, music, needles, neil gaiman, npr, oakland, of montreal, penpals, piercings, pin-up girls, pin-ups, pink, playing pretend, poetry, politics, pretty smelling things, puzzles, queers, ra ra riot, radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, ravens, reading, red shoes, responsible nonmonogamy, road trips, saul williams, seattle, shiny things, slam, smelling pretty, smut, social work, stand up bass, stories, strings, tattoos, the devil makes three, thievery corporation, thrifting, traveling, tribe building, typewriters, vintage, vintage fashion, violins, walking, water, welding, writing
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